What was meant to be a test of how well I knew Figma, turned out to be an opportunity to connect with young designers and share a range of beginner knowledge with people just starting their journey of UX.

From Dec. 26th — Jan. 9th, I set-up a Calendly to book 30-min sessions. Still open for sessions on a few days a week.

Collage of my Figma tutoring meetings. Photos taken with everyone’s consent.

Not a mentor, but a colleague

I realized that mentoring beginners as someone finishing…

After watching a session on Adobe XD at the Adobe Max conference, I realized that their program has a lot more features and functionality than some product designers have given it credit for. As a Designlab student, I’ve been urged to use Figma or Sketch for most assignments. I consider myself a life-long Adobe Creative Suite user and I decided I should give XD a chance. So I participated in their December two-week series of creative challenges. See all my challenge designs here.

Interactive map design for Day 2 of Adobe XD’s Daily Creative Challenge

Goals for completing the challenges:

Illustration from Freepik Stories

Before transitioning into the world of UX design, I worked in sales for nearly 6 years. My longest role was as a sales representative for a yearbook publishing company. Schools were paying for our printing service and design software, but they would decisively buy me as their sales rep for my ability to support their needs. By providing great customer service with my sales, I earned company awards; Top in New Orders and Top in New Volume in 2017 & 2018. …

If you’re like me, you like to learn by doing when trying a new program. I’ll click around on everything and progressively learn all the cool features. Some things take longer to figure out and are not as intuitive, but can be really useful. I’m happy to share a few hidden gems that are now essential in my workflow.

1. Auto-Layout

As the lockdown for COVID-19 closed down local businesses, my job as a marketing salesperson started to fall apart. At the end of April, I quit my job and decided to pursue a new career in the field of user experience design. After a quick search, I realized there’s a lot of great courses offered online. It was time to research my options.

To make things easier for some future UX newbies, I’ve compiled my findings. I also share some insider info about my top choice, Designlab. Keep in mind that each of these courses has success stories, so my…

Joyce Isleta

UX Designer with a focus in user interface design. Figma and freezer-pop fanatic.

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