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  • Celimar Born

    Celimar Born

  • Joe Moody

    Joe Moody

    Novelist | Columnist | Editor | Entrepreneur | “The Breath Book” out now: joemoody.com

  • Brooke Pippins

    Brooke Pippins

  • Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson

    UX designer exploring how technology can make us better humans

  • Melanie Berezoski

    Melanie Berezoski

    UX designer, learning lessons and sharing them with you.

  • Sanjula J

    Sanjula J

  • Sarah Harder

    Sarah Harder

    Current student in UI/UX via DesignLab.

  • Fredis B.

    Fredis B.

    Let’s talk design, tech, and crypto. Typically running or reading. UX Design student at Bloc

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