Offering Figma Tutoring to New Designers

Collage of my Figma tutoring meetings. Photos taken with everyone’s consent.

Not a mentor, but a colleague

Illustration of three track runners running towards the finish line
Illustration from

When you train to be a track star, you don’t train to be as fast as an Olympian. You train to be the best in your race.

Staying organized for Sessions

A chart made on Notion to log meetings
My session log built on Notion
Email recap sent to one of my session participants

Survey Responses to Sessions

Two pie charts. 1st shows 14/15 people said they would like to book another session. 2nd shows 100% found the session helpful
Survey results from Google Form

Quotes from the survey responses:

“Thank you! Your kind demeanor and knowledge was very inspiring and educational… plus you do a great job of learning as you go if you don’t know something. 10/10 recommend!”

“I am very impressed by how concrete and actionable you made this discussion, and by how well-structured the entire process was. I am sure a great career awaits you :)”

“Having direct actionable feedback and not just an opinion on what you liked or didn’t like was very useful. It’s really great to have a portfolio review that doesn’t have to be with a manager or HR person for those of us not ready for that quite yet, but need the feedback. Today’s meeting is a step towards a job ready portfolio vs just having it finished. Thanks again Joyce, you were very professional and personable!”

Different Disciplines in Learning

Anyone that’s provided tutoring before knows, that there’s students that show up to learn and there’s students that hope you’ll give them all the answers.



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